Serge Roger S.A.S. Installation, Maintenance des équipements industriels

Handling equipment

Design, development and assembly

    • Hoppers;
    • Platforms
    • Conveyors
    • Silos / Tanks
    • Chain conveyors…

Handling bulk products represents an important cost factor in the production processes.
Serge ROGER designs, builds and installs turnkey equipment, systems and installations. In fact, we study your installation according to your needs and offer you a technical solution with the best price/quality ratio.

Transfers may be achieved pneumatically or mechanically.

Pneumatic transport

We offer to design and install pneumatic transport solutions whether it is in dilute or dense phase.

Pneumatic transport in dilute phase called “low pressure”

    • Product transport speed is relatively high
    • Transport under pressure or under vacuum
    • Multiproduct and multidirectional transport

Pneumatic transport in dense phase called “high pressure”

    • Product transport speed is relatively low
    • Transport under pressure
    • Limitation of the remainder

Mechanical transport

We can design and install mechanical transport solutions.

    • Archimedes screw
    • Bucket elevator
    • Chain conveyor
    • Belt conveyor
    • Roller conveyor

We also work in constant partnership with all the equipment suppliers in the market in order to offer solutions that are economic and adapted to each application of our customers.