Serge Roger S.A.S. Installation, Maintenance des équipements industriels

Industrial maintenance


    • Mechanics, boiler making,
    • iron work and piping in all industries


The role of industrial maintenance is to ensure suitable operation of the production equipment. It contributes to the necessity of reducing the production costs. Its objective is to repair the working tool but also to plan and thus avoid any dysfunction.

The industrial maintenance service offers 3 types of maintenance within our company :

Preventive maintenance or contractualized maintenance

  • Following a contractualized maintenance agreement, we commit :
  • To maintain a team on your site
  • To set-up methodology sheets
  • To carry out a planning of the preventive maintenance
  • To observe this planning
  • To ensure a reactivity that is in compliance with your needs for the corrective maintenance actions
  • To seek solutions in order to optimize the machine stops

Maintenance agreements are consistently offered for each machine installed in order to guarantee to our customers rapid interventions that are carried out by trained, equipped and mobile technicians and who have a perfect command of each establishment environment.

Corrective maintenance (technical stop)

We can intervene for a breakdown service or an expertise in the following fields :

  • Mechanics
  • Boiler making
  • Iron work
  • Piping

Upon a simple request from you, we start the following process :

  • a visit in your company
  • an expertise in order to define the causes of the breakdown
    the definition of the material and the procedure
    the realization of a detailed estimate
    and following your order, the planning of the interventions

Stand-by duties

Within the framework of rapid interventions, we can offer you the services of an on-call staff (trained and qualified technicians). They can intervene within a defined period of time in order to tackle the urgent breakdowns.

Breakdown maintenance

Provisioning of our teams to face your breakdown

Technical means

The equipment

  • 30 equipped repair trucks
  • Stretcher, hoists, winches
  • Welding means
  • Portable electrical means

On-site provisioning of a qualified staff contributes to the quality and the rapidity of each maintenance intervention.

  • CACES conduite de plates-formes élévatrices mobiles de personnes (mobile platform lift for people)- 3B
  • CACES conduite des engins de chantier (Building machinery driving) - n° 9

Coordination and follow-up of the interventions by a support staff that is trained to the techniques and methods which are the most adapted to your need.