Serge Roger S.A.S. Installation, Maintenance des équipements industriels

Safety policy

Within the framework of our activity, the health and the physical and psychological integrity are a constant preoccupation.

Our policy expresses our will:

  • To organize and train our staff regarding safety prevention,
  • To analyze and evaluate the risks and to set up adapted prevention means,
  • To ensure compliance with the general rules and safety instructions as well as with safety requirements that are specific to the sites which we intervene on,
  • To ensure compliance with the regulation,
  • To detect and eliminate the dangerous actions and situations on the working stations,
  • To inform and convey the information regarding safety and health of all our employees in a sake of cooperation,
  • To respect and protect the environment through the observance of the instructions ;

Our will is to permanently and continuously improve the safety in order to allow our employees to work as serenely as possible.